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有人问:你怎么看阿尔法狗 (AlphaGo) 赢了李世乭?


其实,阿尔法狗们早就战胜了人类,从某种层面上说,哪怕这次 0:5 输给李世乭,阿尔法狗也远比世界上 99.99% 的人都要厉害吧? 难道不是在某个层面上早就比人强了吗? 不要忘了,二十年前,国际象棋大师就输给了「深蓝」了。


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root@bogon:/# curl -s | bash

Thanks for using...

SS:::::::::::::::SD::::::::::::DDD K:::::::K K:::::K
S:::::SSSSSS::::::SD:::::::::::::::DD K:::::::K K:::::K
S:::::S SSSSSSSDDD:::::DDDDD:::::D K:::::::K K::::::K
S:::::S D:::::D D:::::DKK::::::K K:::::KKK
S:::::S D:::::D D:::::D K:::::K K:::::K
S::::SSSS D:::::D D:::::D K::::::K:::::K
SS::::::SSSSS D:::::D D:::::D K:::::::::::K
SSS::::::::SS D:::::D D:::::D K:::::::::::K
SSSSSS::::S D:::::D D:::::D K::::::K:::::K
S:::::S D:::::D D:::::D K:::::K K:::::K
S:::::S D:::::D D:::::DKK::::::K K:::::KKK
SSSSSSS S:::::SDDD:::::DDDDD:::::D K:::::::K K::::::K
S::::::SSSSSS:::::SD:::::::::::::::DD K:::::::K K:::::K
S:::::::::::::::SS D::::::::::::DDD K:::::::K K:::::K

mmmmmmm mmmmmmm aaaaaaaaaaaaa nnnn nnnnnnnn
mm:::::::m m:::::::mm a::::::::::::a n:::nn::::::::nn
m::::::::::mm::::::::::m aaaaaaaaa:::::an::::::::::::::nn
m::::::::::::::::::::::m a::::ann:::::::::::::::n
m:::::mmm::::::mmm:::::m aaaaaaa:::::a n:::::nnnn:::::n
m::::m m::::m m::::m aa::::::::::::a n::::n n::::n
m::::m m::::m m::::m a::::aaaa::::::a n::::n n::::n
m::::m m::::m m::::ma::::a a:::::a n::::n n::::n
m::::m m::::m m::::ma::::a a:::::a n::::n n::::n
m::::m m::::m m::::ma:::::aaaa::::::a n::::n n::::n
m::::m m::::m m::::m a::::::::::aa:::a n::::n n::::n
mmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmm aaaaaaaaaa aaaa nnnnnn nnnnnn

Now attempting installation...

Looking for a previous installation of SDKMAN...
SDKMAN found.

You already have SDKMAN installed.
SDKMAN was found at:


Please consider running the following if you need to upgrade.

$ sdk selfupdate force


root@bogon:/# source "$HOME/.sdkman/bin/"
root@bogon:/# sdk install groovy
==== INTERNET NOT REACHABLE! ===============================

Some functionality is disabled or only partially available.
If this persists, please enable the offline mode:

$ sdk offline


This command is not available while offline.
root@bogon:/# sdk version
==== BROADCAST =================================================================
* 07/03/16: Gradle 2.12-rc-1 released on SDKMAN! #gradle
* 03/03/16: Grails 3.1.3 released on SDKMAN! #grailsfw
* 03/03/16: Grails 2.5.4 released on SDKMAN! #grailsfw
SDKMAN 3.3.2
root@bogon:/# curl -s
root@bogon:/# sdk selfupdate force

Updating SDKMAN...

Successfully upgraded SDKMAN.

Please open a new terminal, or run the following in the existing one:

export SDKMAN_DIR="/root/.sdkman" && source "/root/.sdkman/bin/"

root@bogon:/# export SDKMAN_DIR="/root/.sdkman" && source "/root/.sdkman/bin/"
root@bogon:/# sdk offline enable
Offline mode enabled.
root@bogon:/# sdk offline disable
Online mode re-enabled!
root@bogon:/# sdk install groovy

Downloading: groovy 2.4.6

% Total % Received % Xferd Average Speed Time Time Time Current
Dload Upload Total Spent Left Speed
0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 --:--:-- 0:00:01 --:--:-- 0
0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 --:--:-- 0:00:02 --:--:-- 0
100 34.7M 100 34.7M 0 0 172k 0 0:03:26 0:03:26 --:--:-- 178k

Installing: groovy 2.4.6
Done installing!

Do you want groovy 2.4.6 to be set as default? (Y/n): Y

Setting groovy 2.4.6 as default.
root@bogon:/# groovy -v
Groovy Version: 2.4.6 JVM: 1.7.0_91 Vendor: Oracle Corporation OS: Linux